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Taipei Performing Arts Center | Customized LED Lighting: Tailored Solutions for Unique Spaces

Lighting fixture manufacturing and supplied for Taipei Performing Arts Center | Innovative LED Solutions - Energy-Efficient, High-Quality Lighting!

Lighting fixture manufacturing and supplied  for Taipei Performing Arts Center

Taipei Performing Arts Center

Taipei Performing Arts Center Taipei is one of the world class architecture which was designed by OMA co-founder and also the winner of Pritzker Architecture Rem Koolhaas and by OMA managing partner David Gianotten and by Taiwanese architect Kris Yao. Lancaster Lighting and Splendor Lighting were honored to work with OMA and Kris Yao Artech by providing one stop service of lighting engineering, suspended linear lighting, custom lighting fixture, recessed ceiling lighting, and kinds of ceiling lightings.

Striking architecture and the delicate design make Taipei Performing Arts Center be selected as THE WORLD’S GREATEST PLACES OF 2021: 100 extraordinary destinations to explore by Time magazine. “Basically, we came to here and were astonished by the energy and the intensive the city and we were impressed by the strengthful public culture.” Said Rem Koolhaas.

Rem Koolhaas and his team were surprised by Taipei and Taiwan’s energy and the kind of intensity of urban life. Also, they noticed that the theater in Taiwan is a place for all generations, not just for some middle class or any particular generation. They were impressed by the strengthful public culture with the energy, the amazing night market and well-functioning present infrastructure. The most particularly fact is that the site is facing the modern metro which is beautiful and with an exciting design. Hence, Koolhaas and his team were very excited about Taipei City government decided to build a theater in this place of popular culture. They also would like to make this building to embrace the city and the public as well as be the extension of this city.

Application of Suspend Linear Lighting Fixture, Ceiling Lighting and Custom Lighting Service

For giving a harmony, Koolhaas designed to lift the building off the ground and was hoping to absorb the street life from everywhere it comes and to minimize the impact on the site, instead of brutally putting a heavy and incompatible building and erasing the pure and ordinary life in this area. By opening up the 1st ground level and equipped sufficient lighting configuration, people are free to be here and is allowed to come into the building. By opening up the ground, it could really absorb movements from the crowd. Then let the building guide the people easily into the building to congregate in this space and enjoy walking through between large theater (1,500 seats), sphere theater (800 seats), and the third theater (800 seats).

The ground (1F) and 2F are free for people to use in any reason. The one of the big distinguishing feature is that people is allowed to walk through between building and building; they can access every activities in the building. Therefore, there are many custom suspended waterproof linear lighting on both 1F and 2F for providing sufficient lighting configuration. Also, this penetrating building allows the public to see and understand inside and outside the theater. Everything in the building, like rehearsal, resets, being in the restaurant, or actually seeing the piece of the theater, could be seen and be realized. Like Koolhaas said, he would like to emancipate the processes happened in the building and make every worker can be seen and be honored by the public. The most important thing is that Rem Koolhaas tries to avoid the process of gentrification here. For making a better working environment for everyone in this building, team Koolhaas adopted glasses to be the exterior wall to let the sunlight be inside the building, and coupled with custom lighting fixtures to add enough lighting for users to do more experiment here.

By following the public loop which design with orange color, the public can see more details of activities inside the theater. Koolhaas also mentioned about that many theaters were built with a full auditorium without any interaction and consolidation and no value between the stage and behind the screen for the technology. To offer a great synergy, Koolhaas innovatively and creatively organized all three theaters to a cube, making these three theaters could be extended and be used well and to create the huge space like a big factory can do.

Upon completion, Taipei Performing Arts Center Taipei has become one of the greatest landmark building in the world and also makes the city more vivid and abundance.

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Taipei Performing Arts Center | Elevate Your Lighting Experience with Low-Glare LED for Comfort and Efficiency

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