Preschool Teacher and Parents Recommendations for ANTICO Air Circulation UVC Air Purifer | Elevate Indoor Air Quality with ANTICO’s UVC LED Ceiling Lighting – Learn More

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Preschool Teacher and Parents Recommendations for ANTICO Air Circulation UVC Air Purifer | Explore Medical-Grade Air Purification with ANTICO’s LED UVC System

CE certificated recessed UVC air purifier, recommand for preschool and any occupied space. | Innovative LED Solutions - Energy-Efficient, High-Quality Lighting!

CE certificated recessed UVC air purifier, recommand for preschool and any occupied space.

Preschool Teacher and Parents Recommendations for ANTICO Air Circulation UVC Air Purifer

People often heard stories from other parents or friends, who told them how commonly their kids were sick, especially since their kids went to the kindergarten or pre-school or day care center. Today, we are happy to learn from our clients about their user experiences of ANTICO UVC Air Purifier at pre-school. Parents said that “Per our experiences, common viruses don’t widely spread as what our friends told us, even if children are exposed to sick classmates sometimes. ANTICO does work and help a lot.”

Children are contacting with nasty pathogenic germs in the group lives of the kindergarten or pre-school or day-care center. It seems that being sick frequently is an essential process which parents and their kids will experience, when children start their group lives in school or in day care center. If you search “day care syndrome”, it comes lots of topics about “Frequent infections”, “How to keep your kids healthy when they go to daycare”, “Day care health risks”, “My kid keeps getting sick from daycare.”, “Why is my toddler sick every 2weeks?”, etc. From these articles, we learn that the reality that parents would face is: why is my kid always sick when he/she is back to the preschool or day care center? Since young children are still learning how to manage themselves and they might not be able to do personal hygiene well. Therefore, people cannot but agree that “school environments, like daycares or kindergartens or preschools, are the perfect environments for the transmission of viruses.”

Valued User Experience from preschool teacher and parents

Recently, we (Splendor Lighting) received some great, positive and inspiring feedbacks from the teacher and parents of the preschool. They mentioned that ANTICO Air Circulation UVC air purifier has been installed at preschool for over 9 months. According to their user experiences, the teacher and parents all notice that children are not getting sick more often, since ANTICO UVC air purifier is installed in their kids’ classroom.

User Experience from Pre-school Teacher - Ms. Huang

We have been using ANTICO UVC Air purifier for over 9 months. Here I would like to share some good things:

1. Best shield💯:I call ANTICO UVC air purifier the🏅Best Shield. According to my observation, ANTICO UVC air purifier really can help people to reduce the risk of being infected by viruses or germs, especially for young children.

2. Easy clean✅:It is very easy to clean the pre-filter and it dries quickly.

3. Quality service🔜:Splendor Lighting provides quality service for customers. If we have any problems, they will arrange the technician to inspect our ANTICO UVC air purifier for us as soon as possible.

Remark:All above listed items are my personal user experiences for your reference. ---according to preschool teacher Ms. Huang.

Preschool turns on ANTICO air circulation UVC air purifier from 7:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday. This teacher has been teaching for over 15 years, she has a very deep feeling for the comparison before and after the installation of the ANTICO UVC air purifier. That’s why she would like to share her user experience to other people.

User Experience from Pre-school Parent - Miss Li-Feng Huang

I very appreciate that they install ANTICO UVC air purifier in the classroom. My boy doesn’t get sick frequently at pre-school. He doesn’t get Enteroviruses, Norovirus, RSV, either. My friends always told me that how frequent their kids are sick or the class needs to be suspended for few days due to some terrible viruses, like Enteroviruses. Sometimes my friends’ kids were infected by Type A Influenza at preschool and this situation affects parents, too. I really appreciate that they give such a great environment for children, especially for their health.” -according to parent Miss Li-Feng Huang.

User Experience from Parent - Mrs. Ho

Children’s health is always the parent’s best concern. I am very thankful for ANTICO UVC air purifier. My kid is 6 years old now. Luckily, she didn’t get any of those frequent infections, such as Enteroviruses, EV71 infection, Norovirus, or Type A Influenza, at preschool. I appreciate that they(pre-school) installed ANTICO UVC air purifier to protect children from being sick often. I really appreciate that!” -according to parent Mrs. Ho.

There are more than 100 kinds of viruses which might make people sick. Except some slightly coughs or sneezes, the most commonly diseases which children might be infected at kindergartens or pre-schools are Enteroviruses, EV71 infection, Type A Influenza, Type B Influenza, Gastroenteritis, Pneumonia, etc. As we all know, some of diseases which we commonly heard has no vaccine currently. Besides, parents might also be infected while taking care of their children. Therefore, not just for the early childhood educations, how to minimize the risk to be infected by viruses for all people matters.

Splendor Lighting, as a professional office lighting fixture manufacturer, is always dedicated to producing thoughtful, eco-friendly and multi-functional products. Our ANTICO UVC air purifier not only can be installed alone, but it also can equip with illumination ceiling lighting to bring in a simple and pure interior design for every client. For decades, we have designed and have been manufacturing thousands of high luminous efficiency LED office ceiling lights, suspended led lights, recessed square led panel, recessed linear LED luminaires, custom linear lightings, ODM OEM customized lighting fixtures, and many custom architectural lightings, etc.

If you have any questions about ANTICO UVC purifier, any custom lighting projects for high-end commercial building or luxury residence or hotels, cleanroom lighting fixtures for high-tech company or hospital or food industry, ODM OEM specific customized lighting fixture manufacturing, and LED office ceiling lights, please fill below inquiry form, we will reply you within 24 hours working day.


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