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At Splendor Lighting, we specialize in providing customized LED lighting solutions that cater to specific business needs. From LED System Lighting to innovative low-glare options, our tailored services are designed to enhance both functionality and aesthetics in any setting, ensuring optimum illumination and energy efficiency. With over 30 years of industry experience, Splendor Lighting stands at the forefront of LED technology, offering products like LED Linear Lighting and LED Clean-Room Lighting that guarantee reliability and performance. Our solutions are crafted to serve a multitude of sectors, providing quality and innovation in every light.


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Not only can we be a reliable lighting fixture manufacturer, but we also integrate with intelligent lighting control systems and energy management systems to increase ROI as well as magnify the profit for all of our customers.

Project & Application

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Custom OEM ODM lighting fixture manufacturing service

Splendor Lighting offers a wide range of customizable options and maintains the flexibilities to incorporate custom lighting fixtures into your design....

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Preschool Teacher and Parents Recommendations for ANTICO Air Circulation UVC Air Purifer

People often heard stories from other parents or friends, who told them how commonly their kids were sick, especially since their kids went to the kindergarten...

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Custom LED greenhouse lighting with intelligent lighting control system– southern campus of Academia Sinica

To meet the needs of the glass greenhouse in the southern campus of Academia Sinica, Splendor Lighting created custom stepless adjustable high lumen output...

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Taipei Performing Arts Center

Taipei Performing Arts Center Taipei is one of the world class architecture which was designed by OMA co-founder and also the winner of Pritzker Architecture...

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Retail Stores Lighting Solution-Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store, the largest department store chain in Taiwan, is the leading department store with great reputation. Lancaster Co.,...

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Custom Dimmable Greenhouse LED Grow Light-Academia Sinica Southern Campus

In order to meet the needs of greenhouse laboratory of Academia Sinica, Splendor Lighting manufactured a custom suspended high luminous flux 84000lm LED grow...

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CTCI headquarter II-Application of LUTRON and Energy-saving LED Lightings

CTCI, the biggest engineering contractor in Taiwan, built the first headquarter in Shihlin district. In 2019-2021, they started to build the second headquarter...

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SSGESE & High-performance Energy-saving LED Ceiling Lighting Application

Shalum smart green energy science city is a green building which was established for creating innovative research and development about energy-efficiency...

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Discover the ANTICO LED Germicidal System: Advanced UVC Air Purification Technology

Splendor Lighting Co., Ltd. is a leading Taiwanese manufacturer specializing in advanced LED lighting solutions. Their product range includes LED ceiling lighting, UVC germicidal LED lighting, low glare LED, LED linear lighting, and LED clean room lighting to meet various commercial and industrial needs. They offer both OEM and ODM services with a focus on energy efficiency, cutting-edge design and sustainability.

With a focus on health and safety, Splendor Lighting's UVC Germicidal LED products are designed to disinfect and improve the quality of your environment. Perfect for healthcare and public spaces, our lighting solutions help effectively reduce pathogens, ensuring safety and well-being. Whether it's for commercial, industrial or public applications, Splendor Lighting has the right LED solution. Our range includes specialist products such as LED clean room lighting and low glare LEDs, designed to meet the unique requirements of different sectors.

Splendor Lighting has been offering customers custom LED lighting solutions since 2002, both with advanced energy-saving LED lighting technology and 40 years of experience, Splendor Lighting ensures each customer's demands are met.