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CTCI headquarter II-Application of LUTRON and Energy-saving LED Lightings | Explore Medical-Grade Air Purification with ANTICO’s LED UVC System

Custom lighting project of commerical buildings | Innovative LED Solutions - Energy-Efficient, High-Quality Lighting!

Custom lighting project of commerical buildings

CTCI headquarter II-Application of LUTRON and Energy-saving LED Lightings

CTCI, the biggest engineering contractor in Taiwan, built the first headquarter in Shihlin district. In 2019-2021, they started to build the second headquarter in Shihlin for providing a more comfortable and more appropriate working place for staffs as well as corresponding to the development of intelligent technology. Our parent company (Lancaster Co., Ltd) was honored to be the contractor of lighting engineering such new generation type of energy-efficient and intelligent technology in 2021.

“Intelligent Technology” and “Energy-saving” are the themes of this premium commercial building. Not only is it the building paradigm of creation and intelligence, but it is also as a local landmark in Beitou-Shihlin district. For contracting lighting engineering of CTCI headquarter II, we (Splendor Lighting) provided high-standard LED ceiling lightings, LED linear lightings, custom LED lightings, LUTRON (smart lighting control system) and sustainability consulting on this project.

High Performance Energy-saving Certificated LED Ceiling Lighting-ROME II

“Energy-efficiency” is one of the themes of this project. For that, we provide our ROME II series-High Performance Energy-saving Certificated LED Ceiling Lighting for every open office. ROME II is an innovatively designed LED ceiling lighting fixture for energy saving and can effectively prolong the LED service life, which is patterned for New Model No. M517798 in Taiwan. Not only does it perform the low-glare illumination (UGR<16), but it also maintains high-efficiency lumen efficacy (124 lm/w) and keeps LED service life at least 50000 hours before luminous flux is reduced to 80%. ROME II series can virtually reduce the maintenance in the future. In long term, it will save more expenses than you expected. ROME II also got the energy-saving certification in Taiwan (Certification#10805101). Because of its excellent qualities, functionalities, and superior economic benefits, ROME II is always the top choice for designers, architects and every customer.

Custom LED Linear Lighting

Custom lighting fixtures service is always one of our superior strength which we are proud of. We have experienced talents of LED lighting fixture design and solid experiences in lighting engineering for decades, so we are capable of offering the more appropriate custom LED lighting fixtures for every place and meet the need of design, functionality and aesthetic. On this project, we custom LED ceiling lightings and custom LED linear lightings to fit each ceiling and space. The width of LED linear lighting is made from 5.6cm to 25cm, which are professionally calculated to deliver the even illumination. Not only do we calculate for even illumination, but we also strictly select LED light board as well as measure the spacing for bringing visual comfort in every space. The length of each custom lighting fixture is tailored to the size of the ceiling of each floor system for customized LED lighting fixture manufacturing. With the interior design, using our custom LED lighting fixtures can make the space clean, simple and exquisite.

LUTRON Intelligent Lighting Control System

“Intelligent technology” is another theme of CTCI headquarter II. Coupled with LUTRON intelligent lighting control system, we will not only advance the energy-efficiency of our energy-saving LED lighting fixtures, but it also helps to raise the ROI for our customer. In CTCI headquarter II, DALI dimming system is selected to be coupled with our LED lighting fixtures. Customer can reset the lighting loop according to different spaces and different time schedule. In addition, our lighting control system can receive every single information about malfunction for building attendant to take the initiative service. In the area of open offices, the place which is near the windows is equipped the daylight sensors for adjusting brightness of the illumination automatically to reduce the energy-wasting more effective, while bringing a comfy working environment for all staffs and enhancing the working efficiency. In addition, for some specific areas, like personal offices, are equipped motion sensors which can sense the motions in this place and the system will turn off the lighting automatically when people is out of the sensing area. Moreover, we use graphic control for users to do the lighting schedule, brightness of the LED lighting fixtures or on-off for each floor, so it helps users to have a clear, convenience and reliable experience of the smart dimming system.


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CTCI headquarter II-Application of LUTRON and Energy-saving LED Lightings | ANTICO Air Purifiers: Revolutionizing Air Safety with LED and UVC Technology

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