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Custom LED greenhouse lighting with intelligent lighting control system– southern campus of Academia Sinica | Explore Medical-Grade Air Purification with ANTICO’s LED UVC System

Custom SUS304 stainless steel 0-10v dimmable LED greenhouse lighting | Innovative LED Solutions - Energy-Efficient, High-Quality Lighting!

Custom SUS304 stainless steel 0-10v dimmable LED greenhouse lighting

Custom LED greenhouse lighting with intelligent lighting control system– southern campus of Academia Sinica

To meet the needs of the glass greenhouse in the southern campus of Academia Sinica, Splendor Lighting created custom stepless adjustable high lumen output dimmable LED greenhouse lighting fixtures for the glass greenhouses. Meanwhile, Academia Sinica selects our Puzzle series: 30cm square high efficiency 4-Cell Louver ceiling lighting for corridors. Less quantities in installation, high uniformity of light distribution and sufficient lighting configuration achieve both of economic saving and energy-saving.

Academia Sinica, the most preeminent academic institution in Taiwan, established the southern campus which enables their resources and capabilities to be fully utilized and extended outward. In 2021, Splendor Lighting provided custom stepless adjustable high lumen output greenhouse lighting for precision greenhouses. In 2022, we customized two types of SUS304 dimmable 1000µmol/m2s LED grow plant lighting for glass greenhouses. With specific design of the weight balance, this customized greenhouse lighting can be easily adjusted the space down to 10cm close to working surface and can be easily moved.

Custom stepless adjustable 304 stainless steel 1-10V dimmable 550w greenhouse lighting

For this custom greenhouse lighting projects, Splendor Lighting created a 133cm length and 90cm width 550W flexible LED greenhouse lighting with a auto ON/OFF preset function. Housing is made of 304 stainless steel, featuring a high heat dissipation. Coupled with LUTRON 1-10V dimming system, this LED greenhouse lighting can achieve energy-saving and deliver the sufficient lighting intensity to the indoor plants.

Professional Design of the weight balance: Easily adjust the spacing

Flexible suspended LED greenhouse lighting fixtures can be easily adjusted the spacing according to different kind of plants, which greatly improves both the lighting area and the efficiency of planting. On the other hand, in order to help users easily stepless adjust the spacing by themselves, we have added some adjustable kits, which is with special counterweight design, to increase working efficiency for users.

Equipped castor wheels for LED greenhouse lighting

0-10V big size 133 x 90 cm LED greenhouse lighting is made of 304 stainless steel. Every custom LED greenhouse lighting of this type has equipped castor wheels for easy movement and conveniently being located the place they need.

Auto ON/OFF setting and LUTRON Dimming Switch

Custom LED grow plant lighting equipped LED lightboard. Not only can it have better performance on LED life span(>50,000 housrs), but it also only deceases 20% on luminous flux than its original value after using 50,000 hours. PPFD is 786μmol/m2/s ±10% from 10cm working surface. PPFD is 571μmol/m2/s ±10% from 30cm working surface. Coupled with traditional timer from well-known brand, users can manage the grow lighting for automatically on or off. In addition, this grow lighting is also equipped LUTRON 1-10V dimming switch. For providing a suitable lighting environment for indoor grow plants, users can adjust the lighting intense according the needs of different plants and each life span.

Custom suspended SUS304 1000µmol/m2/s dimmable LED greenhouse light
Custom stepless adjustable LED greenhouse lighting fixture

Splendor Lighting offers custom suspended LED greenhouse lighting fixtures. Length 180cm and width 80cm 500W LED grow light is coupled with a mechanical lift designed specifically for the southern campus of Academia Sinica, which allows users to safely and effectively move their LED grow lights as well as to provide a suitable controlling research environment for indoor plants.

High efficiency 1000µmol/m2/s high heat-dissipation

High efficiency LED chips helps LED greenhouse lighting fixture to prolong the lifespan of the LED greenhouse lighting to at least 50,000 hours when the luminous flux down to 80% of initial value. Equipped high heat-dissipation back plate, users can manage the greenhouse light safely.

LUTRON Lighting Control System
0-10v dimming system

As we all know, 0–10V is the most widely available dimming technology for commercial and research environment spaces. Lutron dimmer switch is a simple and cost-effective dimming product. Each custom LED greenhouse lighting of glass greenhouse is coupled with a LUTRON 0-10V dimmer switch. Users can control 10%~100% lighting intensity according to each requirement of the plant.

LUTRON Lighting Control System

Splendor Lighting customized LED greenhouse lighting products for controlling research environments and greenhouse rooms at the south campus of Academia Sinica. By using LUTRON dimming system, we can avoid the issue with LED instability. Lutron lighting control system (dimming system) are certificated by UL, CE, CAS and NOM, which can against the disturbance of 15KV static electricity and also can prevent the loss of dimming settings. In addition, through LUTRON dimming system, 0-10V dimming communication can be set and users can adjust from 10% to 100% of lighting intensity according to the needs. Also, LUTRON lighting control system (dimmer switch) has a 10-year memory function. Users are not afraid of the memory loss due to power off.

LUTRON wireless control panel

Not only dimmer switches, we also equipped LUTRON wireless dimming control panel. All the button on the LUTRON wireless control panel can be coded and be set for scene of lighting, stepless adjust the lighting intensity, turn on or turn of the light, etc.

Splendor Lighting customized LED greenhouse lighting for indoor plants, greenhouse plants, hydroponic plants, industrial seedlings, multi-vegetable planting, agricultural cultivation, etc. Any requirements of custom LED grow light for indoor plants or greenhouse plants could be consulted, such as automatically power on and off, 0-10v dimming, 1-10 dimming or non-dimming. According to each needs of greenhouses, Splendor Lighting can offer types of custom LED greenhouse light with suitable wavelength and spectrum.

Project of Corridor ceiling lighting : 30cm Square High Efficiency Low glare UGR16.5 louver LED Ceiling Lighting

Puzzle series high efficiency louver ceiling lighting is a brand-new innovative LED commercial lighting which launched in 2022. Not only can this 30cm LED ceiling lighting can have great performance of high efficacy by lower power consumption, but it also adopts UL94 V-0 grade plastic material as lamp housing. Puzzle series high efficiency LED ceiling lighting is an ideal solution for energy-saving, cost-effective, and safety use for people. Hence, 30cm Square High Efficiency Low glare UGR16.5 louver LED Ceiling Lighting was chosen to be indoor illuminance for central corridors at the south campus of Academia Sinica.

Break with the past, large-span installation will be the main configuration.

Puzzle series 30cm high efficiency louver ceiling lighting can be installed by width 190cm and 320cm large-span spacing. Splendor Lighting 2022 Puzzle series are innovative high efficiency low glare office ceiling lightings, which have excellent luminous efficiency. Our energy-saving Puzzle louver office ceiling lights consume min watts to generate the max lighting efficiency and achieve eco-friendly, energy-saving as well as maintenance free.

High light uniformity of lighting distribution: it provides uniform lighting configuration for indoor spaces

As below photos show, the Puzzle series: 30cm high-efficiency ceiling lights are installed with a large span by 190cm wide and 320cm spacing. No matter in the day time or night time, the high uniformity of light distribution of this ceiling light can provide a very comfortable and sufficiency illumination for every indoor environment.

As a professional custom lighting manufacturer, Splendor Lighting spends no effort to advance and to bring the most useful ceiling lights, office lighting and custom lighting fixtures to all clients. For decades, we have provided thousands of customized lighting fixtures, functional lighting with AC air flow, suspended linear luminaires, parabolic lighting fixtures, cleanroom lighting, high performance direct ceiling lights, custom lighting fixtures for specific lighting projects and ODM OEM lighting fixture manufacturing service. For a long time, we have earned valued clients. Our solid experiences are based on the lighting projects of commercial headquarters of well-known domestic enterprises and high-end offices of internationally renowned multinational technology. These abounding experiences have made us much stronger and be confident in both lighting design and lighting manufacturing. Meanwhile, it also cultivates the excellent ability to solve problems for customers. If you have any needs for customized lighting fixtures, office ceiling lights or ODM OEM lighting fixture manufacturing service, please fill in the inquiry form below. We will reply you within 24 hours on working days.


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Custom LED greenhouse lighting with intelligent lighting control system– southern campus of Academia Sinica | ANTICO Air Purifiers: Revolutionizing Air Safety with LED and UVC Technology

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